Monday, December 26, 2011

How not to spend a Christmas vacation!

This the historical home I fell for!
Having fun at Bev and Bills Saturday night before my disatrous Sunday!!
Have you ever been asked if you had one thing to do over in your life, what would it be? I have several and the latest one is: I would never had said, " I know ! Let's go to Georgetown and drive through the historical district!", when we started driving down IH35 that Sunday morning after Thanksgiving in Round Rock. We had had a wonderful Saturday afternoon and night at Bev and Bill's house in Round Rock, eating, laughing and talking and visiting with kin folk and then playing and fun dominoes game called Chicken Foot! We had a nice breakfast Sunday morning with Kristi and Chuck, my daughter and her fiance from Belton. Now we were on our Way back to Floresvillle! So we turned back around and headed north to Georgetown. We found the historical district and began driving down this street lined with beautiful old historic homes. I saw one especially lovely and Liz stopped the car so I could get out and take pictures. Suddenly the front door opened and a sweet old lady invited us in to look at the house! We went in and she and her husband took us all through the downstairs and showed us how they had restored the old 100 year home. It was beautiful. It was so gracious of them. We went out on the porch and we chatted for a few minutes more and then I shook their hands and bid them farewell. I turned to go down the steps which there were about 4 or 5 down to the sidewalk, lost my balance and found my self on the sidewalk with big knot above my eye and my left foot swelling turning black and blue so fast! I felt no pain and insisted I could get up and be on my way. Mrs Herbert kept saying. "No I think I should call the EMS" and she did. They arrived put my neck in a brace and took me in an ambulance to the Georgetown Hospital E.R. There they decided to take me to St David Trauma hospital in Round Rock.
In Round Rock E.R. they took me to get CT scans of my head and foot. I was told the scan of my head showed I was still bleeding from the impact, because I was on a blood thinner called coumadin (because of a stroke I had 2 years ago.
They put me in ICU to watch it and began to reverse the effect of the coumadin.
I stayed in ICU three days and finally the bleeding stopped. Then the doctor told me about my foot. I had a heel fracture which was very serious. I could not put any weight on it for 6 weeks! Now what to do. The doctor said I should go to rehab place. I wanted to go home to Floresville. I decided to go to Floresville Nursing and Rehab.
They took me by ambulance to Floresville that Friday.
I got settled in my room. That was the dreariest room I had ever been in. I sensed a spirit of death in that room from the moment I entered i.
The next 4 days I became depressed, lonely, abandoned, isolted and scared. I wanted to go home.
The next Tuesday morning I noticed something wrong with my left hand. It wasn't working right and didn't do what I wanted it to. It just lay there in my lap!!!!!
I called the nurse. She called the doctor. H said for them to send me to Connaly Memorial Hospital here in Floresville to get an MRI of my head.
So off I went to yet another hospital.
Coming back to the nursing home I saw the doctor who informed me they were sending me to St. Lukes Baptist hospital in San Antonio to meet with a neuro-surgeon.
So off I went in an ambulance to another E.R in another hospital.
It seemed the large hematoma in my head had caused swelling to my brain, and they had to do surgery to drain the old blood and fluid.
So then I had that done, and spent a few more days in ICU.
Then went to room on the neuro floor.
I was getting very tired of hospitals and nursing homes! I wanted to be home for Christmas. That was my prayer.
Hospitals tend to make one spoiled and lazy!
I missed my computer!
Then praise the Lord. Dr. Floyd, my handsome surgeon who looked like Matthew McConnehy (though shorter), said I could go home that Wed. Dec 21! After almost a month in hospitals and nursing homes!!!
I was free. Out of prison!
So that was how I spent most of December 2011.
Never want to do that again!
And being in wheelchair and not being able to put my weight on that foot is not fun!
But thanks to all the prayers of many loved ones, and thanks to my Lord Jesus for healing me quickly, and I shall be back good as new sooner than you can blink an eye.
But like several people have said to me, "Look maybe you going to Georgetown saved you from something even more serious happening later on the way home!"
And they are right. I am an optimist at heart. Always look for that silver lining and you will find something to be happy about.