Friday, June 15, 2012

Rainy Days & Starry Nights and Floresville Opry

"Rainy Days and Starry Nights" started out over 10 years ago, when I started writing it for the Floresville Chronicle Journal here in Floresville. My daddy took the Chronicle Journal all his adult life, until he died in 1984. Then my mother continued to take it, until she died in 1994. They subscribed to the paper for over 62 years. After that I began to subscribe to it also. The Chronicle Journal was like a part of our family. My daddy always liked Sam Fore, I think mainly because he was a Democrat like my daddy! (read the chapter called "Daddy was a Democrat" in my book, Rainy Days and Starry Nights"-you can get it at the Wilson County News).
I began this story this way, because I was thinking of ceasing to write my column for the Wilson County News. I have written several hundred columns and was thinking I was running out of things and people to write about. I have written about my family, my husbands family, my daddy's family, my mother's family, and their ancestors and also about people in Wilson County, Floresville, Poth, Sutherland Springs, La Vernia, and San Antonio. I have written about buildings, dances, peanut thrashing time, the Peanut Festival, and Poth High School.
So I was thinking I had just about run out of things and people to write about. My heart just was not in it like it used to be. After my accident (falling down some steps and shattering my foot and knocking a big knot on my head and going through all that last December and January),  I am not able to get around like I used to. It would be easier for people to come to my house for my interviews. I had just about made up my mind one day to make the call that would tell the paper, I would not be writing my column any more. But I sent in one last story, not about a person, but about a crape myrtle bush in my back yard. I had written the story in one of my blogs. I love the story, but would anyone else like it? I didn't care, because I loved writing it.
The next day I was going to call Elaine, my publisher to tell her, I quit.
But something happened before I made that call. That morning I received an email from a reader that I think was sign of what I was to do.
This is what it said:
My name is Cheryl Reeves and I live in Dilley, Texas. We take the Wilson County News and I always read your column.You bring memories to life and it's like you are telling people to slow down and enjoy everything around you for some day it won't be there.I'm 68 and my husband is 83.I have told my son, since they were little boys - to love and enjoy what you have and look and see all the beautiful things around you.Most people now a days are in too big a hurry. Life goes by fast enough, slow down.
I want to thank you so much for your column, it's a breath of fresh air and remembrances. I also want to say I do hope you are doing better. Be strong and believe and keep watching those crepe myrtle trees, for they are so beautiful.
 Thank you
Cheryl Reeves

Thank your Cheryl for those kind words!
Then the next thing happened was that I saw my brother Bob Zook later that day at my brother, Lawerence Zook's birthday party.
Bob took me aside and told me,"Hey I wanted to tell you that I sure liked your column in the paper this week about the crape myrtle tree. I sure could relate to what your were writing about, after what we have been through these last months".
Thanks you Bob!!! What was even more amazing about that, was that I know Bob likes to read my columns, even though Bob has given me more stories about him and his growing up days, than any of my relatives!!! And a lot of them are about him! He has taken a lot of ribbing from his friends about them. Bob hasn't told me often that he really liked my column in the paper. Especially if it was about him! So, for him to tell me that, was amazing because of the timing! Was this a sign from God too?
Two people in one day?
So, for now I am still writing. I will tell you all when I am through!
By the way, I will probably be at the Florsville Opry next week, on the 4th of July! It's going to be an awesome night of old time country music, dancing, and good time to see all your old friends, who you haven't seen in a long time. Last Opry, I found out my old friend, Elsie Buchanan was there and I didn't get to see her! Elsie is a good friend of Pat Johnson Fox of the band "PLAYING TO WIN".  This is the house band for the Opry.  I first met Elsie in 1949 when she and I worked for Rowles Sale Co. on Hoefgen St. in San Antonio. We were both young single girls fresh out of high school. We became friends after that, married, and had a bunch of kids each. Then we lost touch and finally reunited about 10 years ago. I hope she is there July 4th.