Friday, November 30, 2012

Getting in the mood for Christmas

 I read the Harker Heights newspap. Liked the stories Kristi wrote.  Especially her column!!! I think the city will like the positive stories, she was telling us about how the Nolanville city council complained because they didn't get any favorable press! That is because the city government doesn't do anything to be proud of or be positive about...I am proud of the way she stood up to them at the City Council meeting one night. I especially liked the story she did about the young boy Daniel. Such a heartwarming story!

Tomorrow, Saturday, Floresville is having our Festival of Lights. The day will begin at 2 p.m. with activities and entertainment around the courthouse square, with vendor booths set up on the courthouse lawn. And the parade at 6:00 or 6:30.  (the pictures are ones I took a couple years ago here) We missed it last year, because we were in Round Rock "celebrating" at Round Rock Hospital!!

 We watched a new Hallmark movie last night..."A Christmas Wish"...I liked it and it had a good ending!!!  I can count on Halmark Movies to make me feel fine!!!I felt so good after watching it.

 But then we watched The Office, and I was so repulsed by some of it, I don' want to watch it any more. I am glad it is in it's last season!

And then we watched Nashville. and I sort of like it, especially the music, but some of it does not lift my spirits at all...I wish it were not such a "dark" drama!!!

I am going through my library to see if there is a book I can read over again, and give me a good feeling...I need something good and interesting to read!

Oh, the last two issues of Texas Monthly was very interesting. Both had the complete story of Michael Morton by Pamela Collof in Part one and Part two. "The Innocent Man". Wow it was so good I could not put it down. Because I knew how it ended. I knew this man served 25 years for a murder he did not do! And he is not bitter, angry, but is a changed man, because he found the Lord in prison. He had not seen his son in years, and they established a father son relationship now. I felt very good, when I finished this month's edition.

Then the last issue has a picture of Willie Nelson and an awesome story about him and his music, and songs writing...such a positive story. I loved it.

Then today I got my new issue of "Mysterious Ways, more than a coincidence" put out by Guideposts, and it made me feel soooo good, and built my faith even more. The stories in there are so great...true stories of God's mysterious ways and things that happened to where you just know there is a God. No explanation .....but God.

Some people probably don't like me writing about the LORD so much because you cannot tell anyone about God and they will believe you. You have to experience God to believe. If a person is not a believer it is hard to believe the things a believer tells you. I know, cause I was once there. I don't blame them for having a hard time listening to someone talk about God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. I was just like them once.

Well, I need to go see if Julie wants to watch TV with me, or watch it in her room. I probably will have to get really mad and make her get up. But lately she has become very sedentary and sleeps too much. She falls asleep watching TV with me, at every show we watch. I don't know what to do about that. Liz and she needs to do something where she has to walk a lot! I am getting worried about her. Well, I am worried about my life style too. ha. Like mother like daughter.

Tomorrow is going to be a good day. Just you wait and see!

Joy Comes in the Morning

So I am posting on Blogger today. LiveJournal keeps changing things so I don't know what to do or how to write. I have had Live Journal since around 2005 or 2006. I really liked writing on there, and my granddaughters and Kristi and some friends used to comment many times. You could comment as anonymous if you didn't belong to LJ. Nowadays, I guess it is hard for people to comment, because I don't get any feedback...except on Facebook. But i know people read my blogs, because I now know how to see my stats (hits) and see how many people went to my page, and hopefully read it. Maybe they just go there and then don't read it! But lately I have been encouraged because there has been lots of "hits" like 70 or 80.
So I will try Blogger again today.
If anyone has been reading my blogs, they know I have been going through  a really blah and depressing time....for the last month or two. I am not excited or look forward to anything these days. If you never have been like that, you don't know what I mean. If you have, you know how hard it is get out of it. Even if you have lots of faith, and pray, and read your bible, and try to think positively, it is like you are slogging through the mud and can't get anywhere. You make yourself get dressed and go somewhere, but you can't wait to get back home, and go into your cozy nest and hibernate some more.
That is not like me. I used to have so much energy, and vim and vigor and so many irons in the fire, the day was not long enough. I never was bored.  Cause I made something happen, if there was nothing happening. I had so many friends, and my kids had friends, and our house was always full of people.
Well these days  I just am tired. I am tired of making things happen. I have to force myself to plan something.
Yesterday, Kristi called me to see how I was. And we had a long conversation ...3-way..cause Julie was on the phone too! It is so good to talk to my daughters and we have a great conversation....we all talk ....and before we hung up, I was feeling so much better, we laughed and talked, about everything. Kristi suggested I go back on my Lexapro, the antidepressant I have taken for 10 years, since Eddie first had Alzheimers....I decided to stop taking it, about 2 or 3 months ago. Maybe that is why I am so darn blah and depressed. I started again last night to take it.
Last night Julie said I need prayer. So....she prayed for me. She prayed a great prayer. I told her to cast that spirit of depression out of me. So she did!
I am only going to watch inspirational and positive shows on the TV. I have stopped watching shows I usually like to the The Good Wife, Cold Case, Criminal Minds, Dateline (mostly shows about wives murdering their husbands and husbands murdering their wives), and now I am going to stop watching Parenthood. So many unhappy depressing things going on there in the family. I am depressed when it is over!
We live in a depressing time for America and all over the world. I don't need any more heaped upon me. I started reading an Ann Tyler book this week...I was so depressed reading it, at what was happening with the family in the book, I put it on the shelf. I am not going to read things like that to make me depressed.
This morning  I was reading my bible. I always read the Psalm for today. Since today is the 30th, so it is Psalm 30...where it says "For His anger is but for a moment, but His favor is for a lifetime or in His favor is life. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning."
That is my promise from God today. I pray the Lexapro starts working and the prayer Julie prayed works. After all, I choose life!