Monday, November 21, 2011

Looking forward to Thanksgiving

When you get my age, and it is Thanksgiving time, you begin to remember so many past Thanksgiving Days. I have written about them all I think, my favorites especially. I haven't had Thanksgiving dinner at my house for several years. Since 2007. It has been four years. But I am so happy because this Thanksgiving I will have Derek and lil Red and Kristi and Chuck here along with Julie.
I have been feeling very sad and lonely lately, I don't want to go anywhere, just hibernate at home. I don't know if it is me, or the time of year, the holidays.... when I feel so ...I don't know what it is...alone, and for some reason I am missing Eddie more and more .... I wish I could cry...but i can't ...
I am so happy when someone comes to our house to visit. Makes me feel like old times, when our house was a gathering place for so many events, for our family and friends. I will have my kids home for Thanksgiving, that is all except Trent and Chary who is far away in Bolivia. Wish they could be here too. Kristi and Chuck will come Thursday morning, I think.
I hope it will be Thanksgiving weather. It is so warm and yucky and cloudy and oppressive today.
Other than going to church Sunday, I didn't get out of the house, all weekend, or all week, except to go to HEB for some things Friday. Which I detested! So crowded. I do not like crowds.
Bob called me Saturday night to tell me Poth High Girls Volleyball, won State!! They are #1 in the State of Texas for 2A girls. And also the Poth Boys Football team won in the playoffs! They will play Refugio next Friday in the quarterfinals. He and my brother Sammy went to Victoria to the game. My brothers are avid fans of Poth High School sports. I am too! ha. But I don't travel that far to watch games!!! If the girls play in Poth I will go is only 5 miles away.
Now I am going to follow the Poth Girls Basketball team.
My column in last weeks paper about Lillie and Liborio Ortiz was a big winner. People evidently liked it very much. Their daughter wrote me on Facebook to say how she loved it and thanked me, and Lillie Ortiz called me to say her phone had not stopped ringing. I am so glad. It makes me feel so good, to know that people read it. I have the second part of their story ready to send today. I think I will go to their house and have them proof read it today.
I have not been in the mood to start another story these days. I have so many leads and people to interview but I just don't have the energy...I just want to go back to bed.
So, looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. I thank God for my children and my grandchildren. They are the best!
And I thank God for my brothers and sisters who are all still alive and kicking. My brother Donny just got back from a cruise. Good for him.
I was thinking of how Lacey always said Thanksgiving was her favorite holiday. She loved it so much she didn't want to miss it that Thanksgiving day she and her aunt Susan flew to Paris and her grandma brought her to Julie's house for Thanksgiving Dinner with the family, before they went to the airport. Was that her last Thanksgiving with us? I forget. I wonder if they have Thanksgiving in heaven?
Kristi's kids are having Thanksgiving together at Stephanie's boy friend, Trent's house. I know Kristi will miss being there, but I am so grateful to the Lord that she and Chuck will spend it with Julie and me. and Derek and Laura.
She is a wonderful daughter. And her kiddos are jewels, and they love each other so much and I know that is because of the way they were raised. They may have their differences but they always work it out. Kristi and Bill did a wonderful job. Eddie and I spent so many wonderful Thanksgivings at their house and Trent and Sandra's house too. O God I have so many good memories...enough to last a life time. OK I am having a nostalgic moment.....
So, now I wonder what the future holds? Well, I won't go there. I will just live for today. Next year I will be 80 years old by Thanksgiving. WOW, that is old!. No I am going to be 79 from now on. 80 seems so old!!! I am always going to be 79 and holding!


  1. Dear Lois,
    I pray the Lord's comfort for you...Perhaps the loss that we feel is part of the Lord helping us to let go of this world and to look forward with anticipation to going be with be with loved ones and a multitude of others we have yet to meet!!!!
    We had a friend who continually wondered why the Lord didn't take her home...yet, in her 80's...she hung on to this world for dear life. We don't know why. Yet, she finally went Home.
    I pray the Lord's comfort for you, Lois.
    God bless you dear and precious Sister.
    Love always,

  2. Thank you Crista, I have been wondering that too.
    I am looking forward to at least 20 more years.ha.
    I told God to please let me live till I was 100, but I want to be in good health, and of a sound mind. Because I have many more rivers to cross and mountains to climb! I have been thinking more and more about maybe how the depression is of an intercessory nature. Weeping for the nations and God's people. Whatever it is is up to GOD. and I am feeling better, because the sadness is lifting some. and the darkness is turning to light. I thank you my sweet sister in Christ!
    Love, Lois