Monday, March 28, 2016

I really am missing when I used to spend times with the Lord. I used to spend 2 or 3 hours reading the bible, studying the bible, doing research with several concordances, and also through many different versions of the bible....remembering when I had over 30 different bibles, which I flea markets, yard sales, and antique stores. I even bought a Dakes Annotated Bible, which is so awesome. You can study that bible and you don't even need a concordance..because it has it's own concordance. I loved it. But now my eyesight has got so bad, even with strong reading glasses, the print is so small, I can't use it any more.

So I am going to spend more time, seeking God, and basking in his presence. Not asking Him anything, just being glad to be alive, and reading and studying the bible, or reading again my many books about great men and women of God, like Maria Woodsworth Etter and Kathyrn Kuhlman. And my books about the Great Awakening in Kentucky and Azuza Street Revival, in Los Angeles, Ca. etc. 
It gets your spiritual juices flowing! Julie and I have been watching the sermons of Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church, in Southlake Texas, and I've been so inspired by what he has been preaching lately, and he said even he is sometimes guilty of not just fellowship and spending time with the Lord, just resting and not thinking about anything. But how He loves me and I love Him.
I used to take time out of my busy schedule to spend with God. Now I don't have any excuse. I don't have a busy schedule. But I need to get my passion back. I just feel so tired most of the time. I need some energy. My get up and go, just got up and went!
So this morning I was reading the book of Habakkuk, and I don't know why, God just led me there. So I was studying it. Well,  Habakkuk was a prophet who lived about 600 years b.c. His name means "embrace" so that meant he was "embraced by God". 
He lived during the time of Judah's most critical periods. The world around it was at war, and the threat of invasion added to Judah's internal turmoil. So the book of Habakkuk gives the account of a spiritual journey...taking us to doubt to worship. The difference between the beginning of the book and the end of the book is strikingly different.

So that is what I end with. I will trust God, and no matter what happens, I will love Him to the end. Because I know He loves me. And I will walk up on the mountains with sure footing like the deer walks. 

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