Monday, March 9, 2009

Reasons for Living in a Small Town

Ten reasons to live in a small town (Floresville):

1. Everywhere you go you see one someone you know, who smiles and waves at you or stops to talk
2. You don't feel lonely
3. While driving nearby in the country, on a country road, friendly people wave at you (in the city they give you the "finger")
4. At night it is quiet and you can sit on your front porch or deck and listen to the night sounds of frogs, cicadas or an occasional dark barking in the distance
5. You are not woken in the night with sirens from ambulance, firetrucks, or police cars going down your street
6. Friendly people ask how your husband or your daughter is doing all the time
7. There are no traffic jams
8. It takes five minutes to get to the Supermarket (HEB) or Wal Mart
9. If you like you can have home made breakfast tacos with home made tortillas delivered to your door every morning for only $1.50 each (Jeanette Herrera our pastor's wife!) Yummm
10. There are only three red lights in the whole town

I left this Texas county nearly 60 years ago, and I have been back nearly two years. I was only 17 then. I was glad to leave the farm. But now I am back "driving in the slow lane" and I wouldn't take this life for any other. It's a peaceful life. I wish I would have appreciated it more back then.

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  1. You are so right about small towns! I'm glad you're happy there! I love you!