Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yesterday my son and daughter-in-law and I sat together and talked about how our freedoms in this country are slowly being taken away. Now they are in their forties and I am in my seventies, so we have lived over 100 years together. They can remember when they had so much more freedom and I can really remember! I can remember when everyone living in the country could carry a rifle or shotgun in their pickup all the time. It was for for shooting a rabbit, or skunk, or rattlesnake or 'possum if they wanted to. No one ever thought about taking a gun and going to a school and killing everyone in it! You didn't hear about someone going into a restaurant and killing a dozen people. Oh, maybe two men got in an argument and one shot the other. But just random drive-by shootings? What?
We also talked about how the government is so controlling that a new experimental drug for cancer that is showing such great prospects is not OK'd by the FDA, and the parents of a local boy named Luke Pollok who has brain cancer cannot get it for him for that reason. It seems everything has to go through the government now! Where are the people's rights?
It would be fine if the men and women in government were honest and cared about the people. But everyone is out for gain! It is each man for himself. And to heck with the people. And both parties are guilty! I think I am going to be an Independent!
There may have been corruption and greed in the men the government back in the '40s, but we the people had much more freedom to do what we wanted.
When you got married you married for life. There were few divorces, And most young men and women didn't have sex before marriage, they waited. Well, most of them. The moral standard was much higher back then. Believe me - I lived it! Now young girls are having babies so fast, when they reach 17, some already have three! And most are not married. I think that came in with the "if it feels good do it", was that the hippie generation?
I was just thinking things got really bad after they took prayer out of schools. I was there. I know. I remember how it was before that! Now there is no prayer and the government controls the schools. And a teacher is not allowed to pray for a student? Is that right?
So what I was thinking is this. It is the moral decay of our country that has caused the mess our country is in. Our country was based on Christian principals, now look! I wonder how much longer till we become a Muslim or atheistic nation? Because all we hear is that we must accept all religions. I don't know about that....
I had a dream last night, where I was so outraged with the way things were going to pot in our country, that I organized a coalition of people and we all said, "Enough is enough."
It was just a dream. But I pray for our country because I love our country. And I pray that God gives me 20 more years and during that time we will see our country somehow return to the Lord.

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