Friday, June 17, 2011

Ghost town of Lodi

When is this heat and drought gonna end? This 100 degree weather is the pits. I hate summers anyway. But thank God for air-conditioning! I stay inside most of the time. Things are burning up all over Wilson County.
But we did go to San Antonio Tuesday for my brother's birthday. Jr. was 77 years old. I think it is amazing that all eight of us kids are alive still. And six were together Tuesday. We had good time eating barbecue and all the trimmings and singing happy birthday to Jr. and talking about the "good ole days".
Wednesday was a very interesting day! I met my new friend Liz Lopez down on First St. and we walked back to the backside of a large vacant lot, where under an ancient old oak tree which had a trunk that was so big three people would circle it with arms outstretched and touch (most likely 150 years old), there were two tombstones which belonged to the Trial family. They died in the 1890's. There are supposed to be four Trial family members buried there including Pierre Trial who was sheriff of Wilson County then. But we only saw two tombstones. We need to preserve that little graveyard.
Afterward we went over to Liz' aunt and uncle's house near there, the Ortiz family. They know a lot of history of Lodi. Because their house is situated in what used to be the Lodi community! Lodi was a town before Floresville was a town!
I am so glad I had my tape recorder with me. We stayed there two hours with Lee and Lillie telling me great stories about the olden days and about the history of their church, El Mesias Methodist Church (the church my grandfather Samuel Zook founded 100 years ago. I can't wait to write the stories. They are such a sweet couple. They were married about 1958, over 50 years. They showed me pictures of them when they were a young married couple. She was beautiful and he was so handsome, he looked like John Travolta, only better looking!!!!
Can't wait to go back to visit them. They built their house there in the 60's and it is so beautiful! And I found out that their son is the pastor of Harvest Church down town on 2nd street! Where our good friend Shorty, the Pizza man, went. And they told me that Shorty passed away recently! I never knew that! No one told me. I guess it was in the paper, but I don't know his "real name". I just knew him as Shorty! Because it was called Shorty's Pizza. Julie and Liz and I are so sad about that.

Tonight Julie, Liz and I are going to a Woman's conference in our church. Nancy James is going to be there! WE are so excited because we heard her once before in our church. We are in for a treat!
So, life goes on the slow lane these days. I thank the Lord for another day of life.

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