Thursday, July 14, 2011

Old friends, new friends and having fun

Having fun in the kitchen and Pastors Herrera and Pastors Moore having fun

Sunday we went to our pastors' dedication for their new home. We had a really good time. I feel like the people in our church are like family, and I am the grandma! Everyone is younger than me. Sometimes I want to have a party here in our home for the friends in our church. Maybe when the weather gets cooler.

Tuesday I met a 95 year old woman, Ellene Johnson, in the waiting room at
the doctor's office. She was so cute, petite, her hair was neatly coiffed (I could tell she had a hairdresser do it) and her make up was perfect and she was dressed so nice! I started a conversation with her to find out about her.

I like people. I like meeting new people and always ask them questions about themselves. Like the woman I met in the waiting room of my eye doctor, that day.....when I started a conversation with her, she said to me, "Are you a reporter?".

I laughed and replied, "No, but I like people and like to write their stories, and may write your story in my column for the newspaper".

I didn't write it but I remember how interesting she was telling about how she was only one of two woman aircraft mechanics at the aircraft plant.

Getting back to Tuesday and Ellene Johnson, I also talked to the girl that brought her from the nursing home in Stockdale, Denee Bustos. Even though Ellene Johnson was 95, she was bright and sharp and so interesting. Denee was the activity director there. She said she takes Ellene shopping, etc. Denee told me how funny she was and particular. She has to have everything match in her room even to the Kleenex boxes, which has to match her bedspread. I plan to visit her next week and do a story on Ellene. I can't wait to hear her story. Denee said she has some really funny and interesting stories to tell about her life!

I have been walking everyday (just missed one morning) for two weeks. But I only walk 15 or 20 minutes, cause it is so boring!

Tonight we will go to Eric Travieso's service/bible study at the Convention Center. I like it because he is such a good preacher/teacher. And the service is so short. When he preaches or teaches you hang on to every word! It is just 5 minutes there, and 45 minutes of preaching and then 5 minutes back home. And he is so interesting and you get fed the Word of God and get filled up. It is like a refreshing drink of water in a dry land. I am so glad he is back in Floresville. He has a testimony that will blow you away. You know that God is real and does miracles when you hear it. And you will become a believer!

Tomorrow my sister Gerry from Round Rock, and my brother Sam and his wife Rose, and my sister Margaret are going to meet us at Jack's Cafe for lunch. I haven't seen Gerry for months and months. Gerry is the first one in my family that got the Holy Ghost back in 1982. She is responsible for leading Eddie and me back to church and to Jesus and the Holy Spirit in the winter of 1983 when Julie was still in the hospital. That is a testimony I will share with anyone. If you want to know ask me. Only God can do some things -

And Hallelujah! My granddaughter Miranda is coming to spend the weekend with us! Can't wait to hear what is happening in her life! She is about to become a missionary to the Dominican Republic in August. She is quitting a great job in Austin, and will be gone for two years, and trusting God for support. She is going to work in the library of a school there.

When she comes here we always talk and laugh and watch TV shows like Cash Cab, and HGTV (I like House Hunters, Int. and she does too), and the Cooking Channels, and old movies on Turner Classic Movies, and she will cook for us (she is a great chef), and then we will go to church at FCF on Sunday! It's gonna be a wonderful weekend!

Okay, time to eat breakfast, finish reading my John Grisham book, "The Last Juror". I can't wait to read what happens next. I am half way through it.

Stay on the sunny side of life!

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