Saturday, July 2, 2011

Walking on the upper road

I’m going by the upper road, for that

still holds the sun,

I’m climbing through night’s pastures where

the starry rivers run:

If you should think to seek me in my

old dark abode,

You’ll find this writing on the door,

“He’s on the Upper Road.”

–Selected (unknown)

Sometimes beauty is right around you, and you can't see it because things are so dark. So start walking on the upper road.

Went for a walk today at 7 a.m. I remember when I was so limber and in good shape, I could place my hands flat on the floor - while bending over - not even bending my knees. That was long ago, about 30 years ago. Maybe even 20 years ago. So I was limbering up before I went walking, and I tried it. I can still bend over, my legs straight, and touch my finger tips to the floor! I think I will do this each day, and one day I can place my hands flat on the floor again. Help me Lord.

While walking this morning I began to walk thinking how boring it was. Same fields, same street, no trees, no flowers, I could hear a lone bird chirping in the distance somewhere.

So I said to God, “Well, if you want me to walk, you’ll have to show me something I have never seen before. This is boring!

My hipbones were hurting and my joints felt like they needed oiling or something. I was in pain.

Then as I turned toward the fence line, I saw a lonely sunflower plant standing tall in the barbed wire fence, and had about 6 flowers, some small, others larger. They were beautiful! I took some pictures. Why hadn’t I noticed them before? I took one close-up and I noted the detail of the center of the flower. Beautiful!

I was thinking as I went on down the road, how sometimes there are things right around you that are so beautiful and you don’t see them!

Then I realized I wasn't hurting any more! I finished my walk with no pain. Isn't that amazing. Look what happened when I was walking on the upper road.

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