Friday, December 12, 2014

You can call me Maxine (aka Lois or Mimi)

I was just thinking this morning.....about writing about my I don't really like to do that...thinking "who likes to read about an old woman and what she thinks". I prefer to write about other people, because I find people so very interesting. I always meet someone and I think "I bet he has a story to tell". And if I ask questions, I find out it true!
Well, this morning I find myself feeling old and decrepit! I hate so say it, but it is true. I will write about this one time, and that is it, because I don't want to talk about it anymore. I hate to complain about my ailments to anyone. I complain to God. Who wants to hear someone go on and on about their ailments. Seems like old people do that a lot. I am old. But I think young! So there. When I get this out of my system, I will feel better just writing it.
My bones ache and I feel pain when I walk, get up, or down, and I can't walk far, and I can't walk up a hill, even a small hill, with fear of falling, and when I go to the basketball games with Bob, someone has to help me climb the bleachers, but only 3 or 4 rows. I mean it takes Bob and some other helpful man, to help me up and help me down later. I hate that. My knees are so weak, I can't get up out of a low chair by myself. It is a pitiful way to live. So  I think my days are limited to keep going to the games. Unless God heals me.It is better to stay home.
I can't cook meals like I used to, because after about 30 minutes in the kitchen, my back hurts so bad, and my hip and my knees get weak. So I have to go sit down, before I fall!
So that is the way it is. So when I went to Dr. Frye about a month ago, with Julie, I asked her about my pain, and she gave me a steroid shot in my right hip. My right thigh/leg was hurting so bad I could hardly walk.  It helped for about 2 days and the pain was back..I called her and asked if she thought a chiropractor would help, and she wanted me to have complete x rays done the hospital. I did, and so she sent them to Dr. Krause my Orthopedic doctor to look at, and Wednesday I went to him. But the pain has eased somewhat. Thank God. He is sooo nice! He also was the doctor who operated on Julie's hip.
Well, it appears I have arthritis in all my bones. My right hip especially, which has been causing all my pain in my right leg, and my spine...arthritis in my spine, also I have a little bit of what they curvature of the spine. That explains why my back hurts so much, even after sleeping all night in a comfortable pillow top bed. When I get up in the morning, my back is in so much pain, I can hardly walk. OMY! I feel ancient. I makes me want to cry!
So he recommended an injection in my hip in the bone. Next Monday I get it at the hospital radiologist.
I hope it works this time. I think it is a steroid.
I have been praying for God to heal me. I know God healed the pain in my hands which are ugly and gnarled with arthritis ...they looks bad...but there is no pain in my hands Praise God! I can still type! Thank God because I love my computer. It is my best friend.
Another thing happened last night. To Julie. She fell while walking through the living room. She just lost her balance. I was in the kitchen and looked up to see her lose her balance and fall. Thank goodness, she fell over the little leather hassock, and did not hurt herself. She slid down to the floor. But of course I could not get her up. I couldn't get my neighbors on the phone, and could not get Pastor Bennie or Pastor Jeanette on the phone. Finally I called Rocio and Pablo who live out in the country and Pablo and his daughter Damariz came into town and helped Julie up. It only took them about 15 minutes to get here. If they couldn't come I  was going to call Bob and Debbie to come to town to help me. They live about 15 minutes from here too.
That was my night last night. I am so frustrated that I can't do things like I used to. I hate being old. But I thank God he is still in the healing business, and I will be healed, because He has already healed me, it just has not been manifested yet.
Today I have asked Rocio to come stay with Julie, while I get a manicure from Ashley. I always am uplifted and happy, after I go to my "Steel Magnolias Beauty Shop" and are with Ashey and Sylivia and all the nice ladies that I happen to see there every week. That is the extent of my social life. It is wonderful!

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