Monday, September 8, 2014

Sept. in South Texas, North Texas, and being a sanctuary for the Lord.

I was just thinking this morning about how much I love September....and October...and November....especially in South Texas...because truthfully, I would rather be in North Texas...especially during the summer and fall.
 I lived in North Texas almost half my life. don't find the colors of the trees turning as much down in South Texas. As you do in North Texas. Mesquite trees don't turn ...they just die and turn yellow and not a very pretty yellow, then fall off. They say as long as the mesquites are green autumn - is still far away.
But here I am back in S. Texas, back to my roots. Back to where it all began for me. So even though I prefer North Texas, this is where I ended up. This is where God wanted me. So I decided to just "bloom where I was planted". Make the best of my circumstances. The main thing I miss is having a good friend to hang around with, pray with, go places with, someone who has the same thoughts and desires and will listen as I talk, and we can tell each other things, and we know the things that are private, will stay with only us.
But I am so happy I have pastors I can talk to.  And I have God who I know hears me, and I can hear Him when I listen.
I decided on Sept. 1 that I am going to spend time with the Lord every morning like I used to. First thing I do when I get up, is get me a cup of coffee, then go to my hiding place, my office right now...and before I turn my phone on, before I go to my computer, I don't even play music. I just sit quietly for a short time, like 10 minutes and meditate on God and try to think Good Things. Then I open my bible and read some scriptures: I am reading Psalm 101 through Psalm 130 this month. I study that Psalm for a time, dissecting it through and through. To see if I get anything specifically from God. And I do every morning!

At least I feel better! After 2 hours of sitting, reading, listening, and talking to the Lord, I am ready to get to my computer, play some music, and read my email and see what Facebook has to offer from my FB friends.
Hallelujah, I love Mondays....and the word I got yesterday was "believe" and "on the 3rd day you will get some good news".

I want to be a sanctuary for people and for God.

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