Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I love a small town

I will be so glad when August is over! It's boring! Hot weather is boring. Especially when we are in a terrible drought like now. Boring! This month has been dragging by! I wake up expecting good things, like rain, cool weather, and all kind of things to happen, but we have 8 more days to go..and it is September. These last almost 30 years ...something bad has been happening in August. I think August has been a cursed month since the early 80's. I won't focus on that now. Too many bad memories. But i still always pray it will be a month filled with blessings from the Lord. I never give up. I am persistent!
You don't make your self happy by dwelling on the negative. So I will dwell on the positive. If I can find something positive to think about....and if I think about it...I always find something to be grateful for..
#1. I have an air conditioned house and car. I am cool.
#2. I am healthy! My kids and grandkids are healthy!
#3. God is my friend and I can trust him and depend on Him.
#4. I can still drive a car.
#5. I went to Poth to Wiatrek's Meat Market Monday. I love that place, an old fashioned meat market. I was talking to Erna Kroll.She always greets me with a smile. She knows me. She reads my column!! ha. She has worked for Wiatrek's for 33 years!!! She is a familiar face to all people. I want to write her story. I met E. B. Ray who is the owner that day, and he is so interesting. (and when I introduced my self and told him my name, he said "Oh are you the one that writes for the paper?" Who would have thunk it?
His family is the one who has owned Ray's Dairy in Fairview forever.- they have been in Wilson County over 100 years....but they don't have a dairy any more. The drought caused them to sell out. He said Erna has a good story or stories to tell. He encouraged me to talk to her. It was a nice morning and I got some good things like round steaks, chuck roasts for pot roast, bacon, and fresh home made link sausage, and smoked dried sausage! yum. yum.

#6. I drove to Poth last night for the Poth girls volley ball game with Alamo Heights. It was such a good time. My brothers Bob and Don were saving me a seat between them. The gym was full of people! I couldn't believe it was such a crowd. People wanted to see the games..freshman, junior varsity and varsity games...because Poth was undefeated ..they were 10-0. (#1 in State) And Alamo Heights is a 4-A team, and Poth is just a 2-A...Alamo Heights has almost 1,000 students and Poth has about 200. Alamo Heights played great, and beat Poth 3 games to 1 for Poth. The games were fantastic. All those girls play so well. I really loved being there, though I sat there for 2 1/2 hours to watch them. My butt was sore! ha.
I didn't get home till 9:30! Liz and Julie just got in from the ladies bible study. They said they had such a good time too - it was at Pastor Jeanette's house. So we really had a good night. And I drove home from Poth the Floresville in the dark. I had not driven after dark since my cataract surgery 7 months ago.
Well it had been for over a year, because I couldn't see in the dark before my surgery!!! I can see now!!
#7. I am reading and writing so much lately. I have started reading books all over again. I ran out of books. I don't know what I want to get at the library. I wonder if there is a new John Grisham book out? I ordered a few books from They should be here any day. I watched a show on the PBS station last week about Abe Lincoln and his wife...mostly about his wife...she was a very interesting woman. I wanted to know more about her, and I found there have so many books written about her. Since she was from the South, I think Kentucky, lots of people accused her of being a traitor to the North...and she endured tragedies like losing her children in death so young...
#8. I am looking forward to my second cousin Pam Goode coming tomorrow afternoon. She is going to spend the night with us. She is on her way to Alaska where she and her husband have bought some land and live in a little cabin in the Alaskan wilderness. She is my Uncle William Goode's granddaughter, and Robert Goode's daughter. She is an awesome woman and I am so glad we have gotten close to her these last few years, while she and James were on a sailboat called Rainbow Chaser, sailing on the high seas for 7 years. Mostly in the South Pacific. She is such an interesting lady and loves the Lord so much. I love talking with her.
Okay, time to read another chapter in the Bible. I decided to read the Book of Acts again. I love that Book.

I will focus on good things today. Like the sound of thunder and raindrops on the window pane, and the feel of my gr-grandbabies arms around my neck, and the hugs of my kids and sisters and brothers. I was so blessed to sit between my brothers at the game last night, and when I arrived, have them give me a big kiss right in front of all those people!!! Yep I am very blessed!!!

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