Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I found a jewel yesterday and today too! Treasures from God.
Yesterday began with someone ringing the doorbell at 8:00 AM. It was Kathie Garcia from church - a young woman who had never been to our house. I was surprised to see her. She said I had a look of surprise on my face when I opened the door. Things were going through my mind like 'What is she doing here?" and "Is something wrong in the church?" "Is she bringing bad news?".

We seldom have company at our house. No one just stops by to visit! I don't know. I think Julie and I are friendly people. It has been hard to make friends here...good friends who just drop by.

I invited Kathie in and she explained her visit. She said she wanted to photograph Julie for a class. God gave her three names of people, and the first two didn't pan out, so she trusted God to lead her to us. She only had two days to prepare for the class. She didn't know our telephone number and even where we lived. But she started driving and she just followed God's directions. When I answered the door she was as surprised as I was! It was me! God had directed her here!

She is doing a project for school. She is studying photography at the Art Institute of America in San Antonio. She is working on a major project where she has to photograph some one interesting that has a story to tell, taking pictures of her doing the things she likes to do, and has to do. Taking about 3 or 4 hours. So I took her into Julie's room to talk to her ...Julie was sitting at the computer playing solitaire. The thing she loves to do...plus watching TV...and sleeping! Julie and I gave our testimony of what has happened during the 29 years since that fateful night in 1982. She was amazed at how Julie has recovered from the stroke...coming from what she was to what she is now.

She took seems like hundreds of pictures..then Liz came to work and fixed breakfast and we all sat at the dining table and talked some more..she photographed Liz in the kitchen fixing breakfast with Julie hovering over her telling her what to! ha. While we ate breakfast Kathie shared her story of how she met Jhonathan down in San Luis Patosi Mexico one summer when she was helping at an orphanage, fell in love with him, (he was a keyboard player and singer with a Christian Band), from another town down there. He could not speak English and she could not speak Spanish. Her story was so interesting and funny and God ordained. How they got together and what happened in those several months before he asked her to marry him. God had told him that she was the one he was to marry, but he didn't talk to her for weeks after that...for reasons she found out later. Hearing the story was so interesting. They live in Floresville now, soon to be moving to San Antonio, and he is the worship leader and keyboard player for our church.

She is here today to finish taking the photographs of Julie and Liz helping her. She had to rush home because her husband had to go to work...but Liz told her to go home and bring them back here, and she will help her watch them while she takes pictures. What fun to have people in the house, young people, and children! Wow we are so blessed! Thank you Jesus!!!

My prayer today is for this August not to have bad things happen for us. Only good things. God to be in Control. I keep praying for rain too!

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