Saturday, August 6, 2011

Things are changing

Things are changing.

I feel it in my spirit. In the midst of chaos and strife and drought and fear of the future, there is a sense of peace, calmness, rain and faith in the air. God is giving us something to be grateful for and give us hope.

I went to the local Farmers Market this morning in Floresville. I got some fresh yellow home grown squash, tomatoes, zucchini, and sweet potatoes. The thing I like about going there is talking with my friends Chester Laskowski and the Spencers. I love it when the first thing people say when they see me, is something about my latest column in the paper.

Fred Spencer said, “I didn’t know you were from Dellview!”

In my last column I wrote about our first house in 1954, in Dellview and what it was like living there in the 50s and 60s. It turns out Fred moved there in 1961 and lived there for many years, on Saxon Dr. But what was even more amazing there was another couple there who was buying vegetables. And I found out they were the Liestras from near Lavernia. Mrs. Liestra (I forget her first name) grew up on Latch Dr. in Dellview during the 50’s and 60’s. We had a grand old time talking about the old days in Dellview. What a small world! But I was disappointed no one knew any of our friends in Dellview. And one of them lived on Latch Dr. where our good friends Katherine and Paul West lived..she still does to this day! And she never knew them.

Fred remembered going hunting across Loop 13 in the woods and fields over there! There were no houses or businesses. Just farms and ranches. And there were not any “no trespassing” signs in those days…kids could go hunting and fishing anywhere. And your kids could be gone all day and you wouldn’t worry about them. You knew they would come home when they got hungry!

So we all had a good time talking about the olden days. Then I found out that Bobby Liestra’s mom was a Blum and he grew up in the big house that is part of Bleu Casa Village up on 10th St. which is across from the Dairy Queen. His grandfather Blum had about 40 acres with that house back in the 40’s…there were just farms and fields then on that Street, which later became Hwy 181. The old 181 is now called Business Loop 181, going through town, near our house. He has many memories of growing up in Floresville back in the 40s. I want to interview him some more. I got his telephone number.

I love Floresville. Not much going on here…but it is a great place to live. Not much drama and excitement, but I can deal with that at this time of my life.

Rocia and her daughter Damariz are here to help Julie today, so I think we are going to Jalisco’s for a late lunch. Julie hasn’t been out of the house since last Sunday. I hope their air conditioner is working!!! It’s already 100 degrees outside!

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