Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lean on me, says the Lord.

I wonder why I quit writing this blog. Haven't written in it since February. I always liked the name of it. So this morning I have been thinking...why can't things be peaceful for a long time? Just when things seem to be going along, with nothing bad happening for my friends and family, boom! The earth shakes and things happen. So the moral of the story, is enjoy life, don't worry about tomorrow, because you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. Just enjoy today!
So today I am praying for peace, joy, and happiness in this day for several people, and you know who you are. You are reaching out for strength, wisdom, and guidance....and you question what is God doing? Sometimes you don't understand why this is happening? But you know, sometimes God doesn't show you that. He says "Lean on me. Don't fret. I am your comforter and your friend."
Used to, when I was going through those years with Eddie who had Alzheimer's, I decided to not question why. I just lived for that day and didn't worry about what tomorrow would bring. I didn't want to know what tomorrow was going to bring. I had hope, though, that tomorrow was going to be good. That way I got through that day.
So, I would say to anybody that is going through this troubling time,  Hope for Tomorrow!
Keep hoping. Don't give up!
But sometimes you can wish things were different, like right now I wish I could pray out loud for people, like I used to. Sometimes I feel so inadequate when I pray. My speech is so halted and I can't say what my brain tells me to pray. But I know the Holy Spirit will pray for me.
I know I am grateful to God for many for this cool weather in July we are having, for the rain we going to have, and for my beautiful children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, for having a home, and my health, and the ability to write stories and read, and my friends and there are so many blessings I can't even count them.
I am sad for my loved ones, who are going through hard times, health problems, employment problems, and relationship problems, and financial hard times. I ask God to lift them up and let them sing for joy. Picure is A new morning in Floresville.

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