Sunday, January 8, 2012

Going to church

I was thinking about going to church this morning (being absent since before Thanksgiving), but since I just graduated from a wheelchair to a walker 4 days ago, and am still kinda shaky on that thing, I think I should stay home. It's a long way to walk. Hopefully next week I can walk that far! With this big boot (brace) on my foot that weighs a ton, I feel safer at home for now.
So I will have my own time with God this morning, as I play some praise and worship music and read my Bible, and get in the Spirit and see what God has for me this Sunday. He will tell me something I am sure! Wish someone was here to join me. But if not, I don't mind being alone, because Jesus is my comforter and Father and husband, and all things I want Him to be.
I can find God in everything.
Like that full moon last night reminded me of the nights that fall and winter of 1950 when Eddie and I were going together. We had become engaged 4 weeks after we started dating. We were so in love and planning our marriage. He didn't have a car, so our dates were on the bus, or walking down cold streets at night talking about our future, with our arms around each other, bundled up against the cold.
So later on when I finally am healed, I hope God shows me the good things that have come out of this time in my life. I know He will. He already has shown me some treasures!
I hope God talks to you all this Sunday .... I trust that He will and me too.

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