Friday, January 6, 2012


When our pastor in charge of community groups in our church, in 1989, asked Eddie and me to become“lay pastors” and start holding weekly meetings in our home This was First United Church of Bedford, which was on Airport Freeway between Ft. Worth and Dallas. It was a big church of over 2000 and had over 50 community groups all over the Metroplex, which met in homes once a week.

We were praying about whether to do this but we had not come an agreement between us. Eddie was hesitant to be lay pastors, and I was saying “Yes, let’s do it.”

So we decided to take a weekend road trip to get away by ourselves and seek God for an answer.

We had driven up into Oklahoma, taking leisurely side trips down back roads to check out interesting towns and buildings.

That night we checked into a motel in a small town in Oklahoma. Before going to bed that night we decided to pray together. First Eddie prayed then I prayed. We both were asking the Lord to tell us what we should do about taking on this important job in our church. I ended my prayer by asking the Lord to send us a sign if He wanted us to be Lay Pastors. If He was saying “yes” I asked Him to send us a white dove for a confirmation. If we saw a white dove we would know He was confirming it to us. If not, we would know it was not time.

Next morning we headed back to Texas but then suddenly one of us said, “Why don’t we go to East Texas?” and turned east to head that way. About an hour later, we were driving through a small town, and spied a “garage sale” sign across the railroad tracks. Well we drove around that town and never saw a garage sale.

But as we driving down the last street, we spied an old brick bank building that was restored into an antique place. We got out and went in. It was packed full of antiques and collectibles. The ceiling was high and the place was beautiful.

Suddenly we heard a sound like “who-who-who” or maybe “coo-coo-coo” We looked to the ceiling looking for maybe an owl. Then we heard the sound right near the door as we stood there. We turned to the sound and our mouths dropped open!

There stood a 4 ft. cage with two of the most beautiful white doves I had ever seen!

We looked at each other laughing and I said, “Well I guess there is our answer!”

Eddie said smiling, ‘Yes one for you and one for me!”

The rest of the trip we didn’t even think about what the future held, because God had shown us that He was going to be with us every step of the way. And for many years God sent a white dove when I was praying and wondering if God even heard me.

That day He provided us with two doves to make sure we saw them!

A week later my son Trent sent me a beautiful silk flower arrangement for my birthday. The florist had added two white doves to the flowers. Trent said he didn't tell him to do that! I guess the Lord had told the florist to do that for me!! That week I had two or three birthday cards with two white doves on them! Sometimes God needs to bombard us with something when He wants so get our attention! These last 25 years God has sent me white doves when He wants me to know He is in my presence!

We started our community group with 4 people. We were lay pastors of the group for 4 years and it grew to 40 people. So many people were saved, healed, delivered, and were ministered to and all became very close friends and members of our family. Our house became a house of prayer for many years.

Picture: Someone gave me this Christmas ornament that year. Two white doves in a white cage. Almost exactly like the ones we saw that day.

Eddie and me when we were lay pastors at First United Methodist Church in Bedford, Tx.


  1. What a beautiful testimony of God's faithfulness and love....white doves...gentle and the Lord and like you.
    Love and blessings always,

  2. I looked this up today, just as my husband and I were contemplating wether GOD had meant for us to stay together or not. He was only gone for three hours but my 3 daughters and I were fixing to go out and look for him, when I prayed to the Lord that if we were really meant to be, that HE send me a sign and please bring him home by that day...immediately, i looked up because I was startled in the middle of my prayer because of a noise that sounded like marge Simpson imitating a dove, sure enough, it wasn't marge, but one white dove comming to meet his mate atop our pine tree in the front lawn....immediately following that I saw my Husband walking up our drive way. I was so relieved, and I knew we were meant to be, because GOD wanted us to be for each other...Later that night my Husband shared with me his own divine encounter with the Lord which told him, in an audible voice, "they still need you" ....The Lord continues to amaze me every day! Praise be to GOD!!!! <3 Esther and Ivan Villanueva

  3. I still can't believe all the things we went thru today, just to realize tonight that we love each other more than ever. Thank you Heavenly Father!