Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Life is worth living after all

For someone as housebound as me, I am so busy these days! Maybe that is a good thing? I am always saying we never have visitors or company. Living out in the "boonies" people don't drop by your house because they are in the neighborhood. And most of my friends in Floresville are so busy with their families, jobs, and churches (on days that I have a pity party and no one comes!!) I sometimes feel lonely, abandoned and forgotten.
But I can always look for a silver lining in the darkness, you know, and that is what I am doing these days.
We have my physical therapist, my occupational therapist, my home health aide (to help me with showers), and the nurse all coming during the week, so I have made lots of new friends! I have been able to share my testimony with them, and Julie's too. I tell them how God is so good because He has been with us all the way all these years. Julie and I have never turned away from the Lord. He has been our rock and our guiding light.
And I have the most wonderful hair stylist, Jettie. She came yesterday to do my hair after me having my shower and washing my hair. She brought her friend Jim who is visiting from Waco. We all sat in Julie's room and talked and laughed while Jettie did my hair. Isn't that a wonderful friend? And Julie's Jack Russell Terrier was in 7th heaven! Kept hopping up in Jim's lap to be loved!!! I think he smelled dogs on Jim because Jettie raises dogs and horses!!!
And last night our sweet neighbor, Lucy, sent her daughter Barb, down to check on us and see if we wanted anything. Lucy has had the flu. This is the first time we met Barb. She and her husband Juan, just moved here from Mexico, which they left because of all the violence there. Juan's best friend was kidnapped and murdered by the drug cartel. If you have money in Mexico, you have to keep it secret!
They are such a sweet couple. He is the one who baked the delicious bread for us that we took to Round Rock that Saturday before my world turned upside down that Sunday.
So these days I get very tired and have to take a nap in the afternoon. And see, I am not complaining. I am saying God always makes something good out of the bad thing. I have found out how blessed I really am. And it has a few times come from the least expected things.
I am so thankful for the ones who came to the hospital in Round Rock to see me: Beverly (several times), Kristi ( every day), Jessica (several times), Gerry ( who read the bible me that day). It made me feel so loved!! I would have felt so lost and scared if they hadn't been there to cheer me up. Oh and my pastors from Floresville Christian Fellowship, Bennie and Jeanette who drove all the way to Round Rock that Sunday night to pray for me!!
And then at St. Luke's Baptist in San Antonio where I had brain surgery, there were so many loved ones coming to see me, I felt so much love like: Margaret,(two times), Bob, Sam & Rose (several times), Donny, Lil Red, Kristi and Chuck from Belton (two times), Wayne and Nyeli and kiddos, Lee Schultz (our new friend that we met at the Floresville Opry).Also Pastors Bennie and Jeanette and Pastor Dorie. My I am so blessed!!!
And there were many phone calls from people too far away to visit; My grandchildren in Ft. Worth, Brad,Taylor and Stephanie, my son in Bolivia, Trent, my granddaughter in Florida, Sierra, my son Derek, my Aunt Clare in Georgia, my nephew Rusty and his wife Lali, my dear friend Beverly who I have known for over 50 years. I am very blessed!!!and probably I am forgetting someone. If I have I will feel badly!!!
Happy New Year to all my loved ones. And thank you everyone who has made me think that life is worth living after all!


  1. Aunt Lois
    I guess your on that slow lane that you sometimes talk about in your writing. It sound like God has you on that slow lane to collect new friends and to share your testimony and Julie's testimony and to share the news and words of God to the new people that are on that slow lane with you. There's always a reason why things happen. Love You!

  2. Dear Lois, You continue to be an inspiration for all of us - even those of us out in cyberland. It ain't over till it's over, and God will use you till He takes you Home!

  3. Tommi:
    I always say God always makes something good out of something bad that happens. And if you drive in the slow land and look for that treasure you can find one! You are one my treasures!!

  4. Crista,
    I am so glad we met (though not yet in person) cause I feel I know you so well as a friend. I like that saying: It aint over till it's over. So true and this story aint over yet is it? Love you!