Thursday, October 20, 2011

A family that plays together stays together

It is so good to be home again! We came home yesterday afternoon after being gone to Ft.Worth (the DFW area) for six days. Last night our house felt so good. Sitting in the living room watching the World Series, Julie said, “I just love my house don’t you? It feels so comfortable”. And it did feel so good. Even when the Rangers lost, we still felt blessed to be alive…and home.

The week was awesome. Every day was filled with family, fun, and fellowship! We tried to cram as much in each day as we could, and I wanted to make memories that every one could keep forever..good memories. So I took lots of pictures so I could look at them in the years to come and remember that time!

Friday after we had checked into the LaQuinta Hotel in Hurst, we met my kiddos at a little restaurant near the ball park, called Rosa’s. We sat out on the patio/porch and ate, while the kids frolicked on the patio.

Then we all went over to the ballpark nearby, where the whole family plays on a co-ed softball team. Nine of them!!! Only two people on the team were not family! Haven’t you heard the saying, “A family who plays together stays together?” Well, I believe that.

They kept most of the their kiddos in the dugout with them! Some played at the nearby playground, and Liz and I tried to make baby Allie happy but I think she was tired and wanted her mommy! At about the middle of the game Kendall had to come out and hold her. It was such fun to watch them play. They are all good players, but when Jessica missed the fly ball in right field, she fell on her face and tumbled in a somersault as every one laughed. She took a long time getting up and I was worried about her. But she couldn’t get up for laughing so hard! That girl!

I know Kristi is so happy playing with all her kids on that team, and also her fiancé Chuck plays too.

I asked them who was the coach, and they all looked at each other and said, “I don’t know. Who is the coach? Taylor? She did the line up. We don’t know. Just whoever…”

I guess it is sort of like we used to do in the olden days. You just get together and play baseball. No one argues, no one fights, no one fusses when someone misses the ball, just have fun!

Later we went back to the hotel and crashed about 10:00 PM. We were tired after the long day, but my heart was full of love and contentment. I thanked God before I fell asleep­ -for my family and for keeping me alive to enjoy them.

I was looking forward to the next day and what He had planned for us on Saturday. All I knew was were going to watch the Rangers play Detroit for the American League pennant Saturday night over at Brad and Kendall’s house. The bed felt so good as I drifted off to sleep.

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