Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A message from God

I always wake up feeling expectant and hopeful. Sometimes the day turns out not good, but at least I was hopeful and kept on expecting something good will happen. Better than having fear and negative thoughts. I always read a devotional and my bible, some times two, and this morning I read this!
"Up to this time you have not asked a single thing in My Name as presenting all that I AM; but now ask and keep on asking and you will receive, so that your joy (gladness, delight) may be full and complete." John 16:24
So I will do that. and another thing I saw...the word 'hitherto" which is OLD King James for "up to this time". So hitherto I will ask God for wisdom, joy, love, in JESUS name,and hitherto I will go forth with joy.
Then I looked out in the back yard and saw my giant Esperanza shining like gold in the morning dew and sunlight...and I knew God was still talking to me. Esperanza (Spanish word) "hope" of course in English.
I always encourage people to look for God in everything! Sunday church was an awesome time of worship, praise, and preaching. I will come in and expect to hear from the Lord ...talking to me...just me...sometimes I don't get a word from the praise and worship or the preacher, which is always good, but sometimes He wants to talk to me personally. So Sunday I got a Word from God...from a banner that hung on the wall...how come I didn't see that before? Was it always there? Or was it new? I don't know. But it said "Encounter God". What does that mean really I thought? Encounter means to come to, arrive at, get to, reach, attain, come up with, join, or rejoin...etc...etc..So God was telling me that we need to come to, get to, attain, come up with, join, or reach up to God....
I want to encounter God today and everyday, and hitherto I will have hope...Don't you just love life, God and people?
And of course I just love the Texas Rangers who won that game in the World Series...now on to St. Louis. You know I like the St. Louis Cardinals too...if they were not playing the Rangers I would be cheering for them to win the Series...but not this time...
These pictures are of the Banner in church on Sunday and my Esperanza this morning ... a giant message of HOPE.

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