Saturday, October 1, 2011

October 1 - Saturday driving in the slow lane

I love October. And when it is cool like today it is a wonderful Oct. 1. Good things keep happening starting with talking to my sweet granddaughter on the phone at 8:15. All the way from the Dominican Republic where she is a missionary for Makarios International. We had so much to talk about, so I asked her questions first. The first 2 weeks were hard for her with the impact of another country, a culture change, a climate change (it is hot and humid there all the time) and moving into her own place and having to buy appliances and furniture... and all kinds of challenges. She is still sleeping on a mattress on the floor. But she will be writing her blog in a couple of days and then everyone can read first hand, what her life is like down there. But It was so good to hear her voice. I feel so much better now.

Then Rocia and her daughter Damariz came to help Julie today,since Liz is off. Rocia made us fresh corn tortillas for breakfast. So I had delicious breakfast tacos with homemade tortillas!!!!

I asked Rocia if she would make us some more salsa, since the jar she made last, was eaten up by all of us at the Family Reunion! And it was soo good. Wasn't it? I had everything but the cilantro, so went to HEB to get it, and I asked Damariz to go with me. It is so fun having a teenage girl hang around with me. Reminds me of Sierra when she was living with us.

We passed by a large yard sale on 4th St, and of course turned in. There was furniture scattered all over that property. Old furniture and stuff. We stayed there a long time, getting to know the ladies there as I asked a lot of questions. Yes, I asked a lot of questions. I was taking notes too. I think maybe they were suspicious, so I told them I loved to get people's stories and hear about their history, especially if they were from Floresville. Mary Esther was the lady having the sale, and I met her two sisters and her mother, Crisanta, who is 85 years old. Crisanta married a Flores, but was born in Canada Verde in north Wilson County. I had such a good time talking to them and getting to know them. I insisted on taking pictures of them. When one sister learned my name, she exclaimed that she knew who I was, because she read the paper all the time and loved to read my columns.

But then she said laughing loudly, "You better not put these pictures in paper!!"

I said I would not, but I didn't promise them I wouldn't put them in my blog! So here they are.
I bought two items. I was excited. I bought a tall wrought iron plant stand for $10 ( she was asking $15)...and a wicker footstool for the patio/deck for $5. Damariz loaded them up for me and we went to HEB for the cilantro and to the Farmers Market for more tomatoes to make Tomato Preserves next week and some fresh okra.

We stopped by two more yard sales but didn't find anything interesting, so came home. Rocia had made the salsa. And it was heavenly!

So then, this afternoon Julie asked her to make quesadillas. She asked if we wanted soft tortillas or crisp. We decided on crisp. Omy Goodness! We were in heaven as we ate them later, covered with the fresh salsa, we ate every bite. I never ate anything that good in an expensive restaurant. We are so blessed.

Pictures are of my great yard sale finds, Crisanta and her 3 daughters, Rocia's quesadillas and salsa.

So it is almost 6:00 and the sun is getting low in the western sky, and think this day was just about perfect. I love driving in the slow lane of life.

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