Monday, September 26, 2011

The family reunion comes to an end

This will be my last blog about the family reunion. I need to write it down, before I forget what happened that weekend. But I have my pictures and access to everyone's pictures to help me remember. But I didn't take my camera to Kristi's cabin Saturday night for the "finale"...our traditional "all-get-together-for-games-singing-talent show-or- whatever". So far, I have not seen any pictures from the event.
There was singing - by Sammy and Liz Tilley - Jessica sang with the Karoake, before someone played a trick on her...I didn't get what happened - but everyone roared with laughter!! So it must have been funny. A few people went to the microphone and shared a little of what has been going on in their family this last year...I say "a little" because these last two years have been difficult for several families, with bad health problems, deaths, broken relationships, and lost jobs, etc. but this family keeps going on and facing each difficult thing, taking one day at a time, and we all have each other's back and will be there when they are needed. That is a loving family. So we mostly shared the good things, and looked for the Silver Lining to give us hope and there was much laughter, and love and we were all together under a canopy of love. It made me feel so warm and happy inside, because I knew what everyone had experienced - some I didn't know - because despite what Julie always tells me, "Mom you know everything!", I do not!!! Sometimes I would rather be in the dark! And just pray!
The highlight of the night was the game we played, "The Zook/Wauson Chinese Gift Exchange". Everyone brought unusual gifts, funny gifts, family treasures, and there was so much fun and laughter, I nearly fell out of my chair, because my family is so hilarious - funny - drama queens - we all laughed so much, our sides hurt, as everyone fought over the 'treasures'.
To end it, my precious great-granddaughter Dylan, age 3, performed for us as she did a tap dance to music. She loves to dance. She takes dancing. She kept dancing and long as the music played...if it had played for an hour I think she would have danced for that long and not get tired. She was a doll. Hope I get pictures soon.
The night ended about 11:00 PM and we all went back to our cabins, and Derek and Lil Red drove back to San Antonio. Several families had already left after dinner that night. and Helen and her family didn't come over, they went to bed. So we missed all those people.
The next morning everyone packed up and cleaned out their cabins so as to be out by 12 noon. I had coffee over at Beverly and Yvonne's cabin outside. Then several people gathered on our front porch to chat before leaving the site. They young people had a "tattoo party" over at their cabin...someone got a tattoo kit last night at the "party". Everybody got tattoos, including me! And Gerry and Margaret! The ages ranged from 12 to 79!!!
As people said goodbye, hugging and kissing, and talking some more, I realized no one wanted to go home. I sure didn't. I would have liked to stay a few more days.. I think we were the last ones to leave the River. The day was cool, after the rain, and the place was silent again. With a lump in my throat we headed back to Floresville.
In fact I had a dream the day after that.... that we all were still at the reunion, and it was Monday. And everyone was still there. They all gathered around talking how they didn't want to leave, so they had called their work to say they were not coming in till Wednesday...they were taking another two days off!! Everyone was sooo happy and hugging and laughing because we were going to have two more days together. Wasn't that a nice dream?
The weekend was one to remember. Maybe I will take these four blogs and make them into a book with pictures ...a story...for the next family reunion...a remembrance for people of what our family was like ...back then...

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