Friday, September 2, 2011

Don't get all bent out of shape!

So, have you noticed how things work out for the good, if you don't "sweat it"? Don't fret! Don't worry. Don't get "bent all out of shape". When you say to yourself I am just going to let God handle this. See what He wants me to do. That has been my thinking these last few years, since I have been "driving in the slow lane" of life in Floresville. Well I began to do that when Eddie started showing signs of Alzheimer's. I just didn't fret about what was going to happen down the road, in the years to come. When the doctor told me I needed to start looking for a facility for Eddie to go to in 2003, because he was getting worse, I didn't want to, I said, "I will just take one day at time, and I won't worry about tomorrow."
I just went with the flow. And it ended with me winding up in S. Texas in a little town, and in Wilson County, a county I had left 60 years before, and couldn't wait to leave! God directed my path. The Veterans Home was the place he would go, and he liked it and so did I.
And it is well with my soul.
So, Wednesday, when I found out I had to take the car to the dealer in San Antonio, 30 miles away, to have the air conditioner fixed, I didn't get "bent all out of shape". Even though Liz had the next four days off and I didn't have her to depend on to help me with Julie - stay with her, or drive me to the big city to leave the car. I would have to do it myself.
I said, "Lord show me what to do".
So.... I called Rocia and asked if she could come stay with Julie yesterday while I took the car to the Mazda dealer on Fredericksburg Rd. which is on the North side of S. A. I dreaded the long drive in the car with no air conditioning on a day that was to get to a hot 102 degrees. And I dreaded the traffic that I would encounter. I hadn't driven on the north side of San Antonio for over 2 years! But I didn't "sweat the small stuff". I prayed, "Lord send the angels to protect me and the car!"
So, I left Floresville around 12:30 noon. While i was driving on the highway I realized the air conditioner was working! So I was cool all the way to San Antonio right up till I got on Fredericksburg Rd. I had to roll the windows down right because the air conditioner was NOT cooling, when I drove in the Mazda dealership!! It was a morning of miracles!!! Things were going so well and I was calm as a cucumber even in the midst of the terrible San Antonio traffic. Thank God. And it even got better! A day of miracles!!! I kept praying that the Lord would direct my steps all day. And he did!!!
To be continued in my next blog!

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