Saturday, September 3, 2011

How the USS Sandoval was a sign

It was after 5:00 PM in San Antonio. I had had a very interesting 4 hours at the Mazda Dealer, the Hertz Rental place, and at Princeton Nursing home on Bandera Rd. where I had spent the last hour and a half visiting with my family. I was fixing to head south for the long drive back to Floresville.

Mark from the Mazda place has called me with the good news. It was not the computer for the air conditioner. It was the water pump that was causing the air conditioner to cease working when the car got to hot. The car needed a new water pump. I said I had to call my son, Derek, who advises me on large purchases like car repairs. I would call him back. Then I called Derek. But low and behold my cell phone had died, and I had left the charger in our car at Mazda. So there I was with a dead cell phone. So I borrowed Sam's cell phone to call Derek.

I called several times, and it was always busy, which means it goes to the fax machine. Finally Derek answered. I was surprised because Lil Red answers their phone usually. All his business calls are on his cell phone. When he answered I told him what the mechanic had found. It needed a new water pump. Derek asked some questions, I filled him in on what Mark had said. Then I told him about what Mark said when he found out Eddie was a Navy man and Mark was too. He had told me that he was going to give me a military discount because my husband had been in the Navy in W.W.11.

Then Derek paused and said, "I think i just had a confirmation of what to do".

Derek said, "When you called, I looked at the caller i.d. to see who was calling because I was busy with customers calling. If it had said "Mom", I would have let Lil Red get it. But the called i.d. said "Sandoval" so I answered it. That was the name of Dad's ship in the Navy! (USS Sandoval). Who is Sandoval?"

Because their cell phones are in their daughter Andrea's name I told him. Andrea Sandoval is her married name.

"I think that's a sign that you should trust that you should go for it" he said, "and $400 is a good price for a water pump and installing it."

God speaks to us on the telephone sometimes!!

I went out to my car, and started the long trip home in rush hour traffic. It was so easy, and I just went with the autos, no stop-and-go. I just went with flow like God had taught me to do. Don't get bent all out of shape. I listened to K-LOVE all the way home, and the music immersed me with the sounds of love. And I love the rental car. I think we will get a new car soon. I was kind of in heaven! So comfortable. I could see my self going on a long trip by myself. I know I can do it. I am NOT too old!

When I was almost home, I thought how hungry I was. I hadn't had anything to eat since breakfast...only a bowl of cereal. It was after 6 pm. I was thinking how I would love some pasta. I was hungry for pasta. I would cook some pasta when I got home.

When I arrived Julie and Rocia had already eaten supper. The food was still on the stove in the pots, waiting for me to eat. What was waiting for me? Macaroni and cheese! And a chicken dish like Chicken Alfredo! Wow! I had my pasta waiting for me!!

See how life is - if you don't fret, don't get all bent out of shape, and go with the flow? And trust God to let you see a silver lining.

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