Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rain, food, karoake, swim, bbq supper...doesn't get any better than that!

I finally got to sleep Friday night after the excitement of the night before. Saturday morning I got up and had my coffee out on the porch. It was nice and cool, as Cindy, Steven, Helen and Norman joined me on the porch. One by one people appeared on the porch next door, so I went over to talk to them and have coffee. I love the Hill Country in the morning. Such fun laughing and talking and catching up with everyone's news and what is going on with their family. Later on we all had breakfast that Scotty prepared ...eggs,sausage,potato casserole, with salsa, picante, or whatever, and huge biscuits with butter, jelly, and preserves. And orange juice and coffee...I think everyone went back for seconds, or even thirds!
The morning was spent talking, singing Karoake songs, taking pictures, taking a walk down to the river, kids playing....and then it started to rain...when it first started up, since I had stated if it rained i would dance in the rain...I had to do what I promised. I got Liz to dance with me. And then it started raining more and more...finally we had a gully-washer as they say in Texas...with thunder and lightning! It was awesome. Later as the storm passed and it was still raining...the children went out to play in the rain and waller in the mud puddles...and make mud pies and cover themselves with mud. No one minded! It was such a rare thing to see rain. Let 'em have fun.
People sang with the Karoake, then some played dominoes, and many cousins gathered in our cabin to play Scattergories...
It was a wonderful Saturday after the sunny. Some went to the cabins to take naps, others went to the River to swim...and some of the men watched the Texas Longhorns play football..on our TV or Scott's. These were the only 2 cabins that had TV's.
I think Scott went on cooking. Bless his heart!!
Then up drove Derek and Lil Red from San Antonio. Yay! My son and beautiful daughter-in-law were there! They were surprised to see Rusty too. Derek, Rusty, and Scott and Kristi grew up together, but Derek and Scott were close in age, and I remember they teased Kristi unmercifully as boys! We took a vacation to Pt. Aransas with Mother and Daddy and Scott one time. Those two boys had a blast fishing with Eddie and Grandpa. Now here they were almost 50 years old, and still close cousins. That is family!
I went down to the river with a bunch of take pictures...someone helped me down the steep steps to the water, and I sat on one bank of the river, cause I was afraid to go out on the rocks...I wish I had worn my tennis shoes or I would have!!! It was beautiful down there. I couldn't find my camera, someone obviously had taken it, so I picked one up on the table, no one knew who it belonged to...and took it with me. along with Lil Red's camera. Surely I could get a lot of pictures with those two extra cameras!!
It was almost surreal down on the river. I felt like I was thousand miles away from real life...the colors of the trees, and the water, and the sunlight playing on the water as the kids splashed in the knee deep water, and the shadows of the trees, mixed in, and the colors of the people with different colored shorts and swim suits...I felt like it was not was almost like I imagined heaven to be like...laughing, murmuring, squealing kids....vivid colors..

It was such fun watching everyone. Especially Cindy, Steven, Carly, and Carson as the walked all the way down the river toward the swings ...the other swimming hole...I couldn't believe they were here with us. I have missed them so much all these latter we all have gotten older...
I was so happy they were here! I got a lump in my throat as I thought about it!! And watching the little kiddos as they splashed and played with rocks and sticks!!!

When we left I could hardly make it up the steep bank, and as we walked back to our campsite...Yvonne walked with me, slowly, thank goodness, because I was out of breath from all that exertion. It makes me so mad that I am old!! I want to be young again! I am so glad we have pictures to look at to remember this weekend.

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