Friday, September 2, 2011

A surprise awaited me when I walked in the room

Me and Lil Red finally found Hertz Rentacar near Bandera Rd. We went inside to rent a car since ours was in the shop...and we didn't know how long it would take Mazda to fix it. The air conditioning was not working which is a BAD thing in S. Texas when the temperature is over 110 degrees every day. And it was 102 that day!
The beautiful girl took my information to rent a car. She said they had a weekend special where I could keep the car for five (5) days for $28.00 a day!! Only $140.00. And it would be a 2010 Nissan Sentra. Wow. When she was filling out the papers I saw a picture/plaque on the floor with a big army boot framed in it! I asked her what that was. She said it was her boss's picture which his old unit from the army gave him when he retired from the Army.

He was sitting over at a desk and grinned as he told us how he "got the boot" when he retired. It was nice to talk to another Veteran about his experience with the service. I could tell he was proud of the Army and proud of that boot!! This right after I spent so much time talking to Mark about he and Eddie serving in the Navy. I was thinking "What is God showing me today?"

As Lil Red drove back home and I went out to my rent car. I planned to drive across San Antonio south to Floresville, before the traffic got bad. It would take me an hour in the traffic if I waited an hour. But I felt the Lord telling me to go see my family in the Princeton Nursing Home on Bandera Rd, As long as I was this close I wanted to see them. I had not seen them for over a month.

So I figured out where everything was in the rent car, and drove down Bandera Rd. to the nursing home. The traffic as not bad!!! The streets were sort of empty! Thank you Lord.

I arrived at the Home in about 10 minutes and went in, walked down the hall to Jack and Liz' room. They didn't know I was coming. I walked in the room and saw Liz. She was so surprised. Liz knows how to make people feel good. She always has good reactions that blesses us!!! I saw the room was full of people, and I could not even get in there!!! Liz, Jack, my brother Jr. who lives down the hall, and my brother Sam and his wife Rose!

We all went down the hall to the nice "private living room" where there are comfortable couches and chairs. And you can close the door and you feel you are in their living room. We had such a good time chatting, laughing, and Jack was on a story telling jag, which when he is that way, we know he is feeling great! And when a guy is an ex-deputy sheriff or constable, he has good stories to tell.

I stayed there till after 5:00 because I was having such a good time. Sam and Liz started singing together, and it was awesome. Things had been getting even better as the day wore on. I didn't care that the traffic was going to be terrible. I knew I could do it. God was directing my steps, after all. Wasn't he? Surely he would help a 79 year old woman drive on the freeway in San Antonio at the peak of rush hour traffic....wouldn't he? I was not going to get all bent out of shape. I was with my family ...all six of us. It was a family reunion!!! And before I left there, I had another "God thing" happen.
More in the next blog!!!

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