Friday, September 2, 2011

He was a Navy Veteran too

When I went in the service department at the Mazda Dealership in San Antonio, I talked to a man named Mark who was a nice friendly man who listened to my tale of woe and even called my mechanic here in Floresville to talk to him, about what he had found (Charlie is a good mechanic and is very busy, because he is probably the best mechanic in Floresville).

Charlie had put in a part two times, and it was still doing the same thing. He thought it must be the computer which was very expensive and only a dealer was allowed to do the work. He was the one who sent me to San Antonio...I trust Charlie....I was expecting it to cost over $1000.

So, Mark was filling out the papers that I would sign leaving the car with them, and we got to talking about Floresville, and how he would love to move to a small town, but his wife did not like the idea. I told him how I love living in a small town. I told him how I had left the Wilson County over 60 years ago, vowing not to come back. Then we did move here in '07 when Eddie went to live in the Veterans Home.

I said, "Eddie was a Veteran of World War 11. He was in the Navy."

Mark looked up from where he was writing with a surprised look on his face, and exclaimed, "The Navy? I was in the Navy too! I am a Navy veteran too."

I told him about how Eddie was in the South Pacific for two years and all what happened to him including the Japapese Kamakazee plane hitting their ship, the USS Sandoval and how he lost friends who died in that tragedy, but God saved Eddie's life when he left his station to smoke a cigarette. And that was where the plane hit.

When I was getting ready to leave Mark said, "You know...since you told me about your husband, I am thinking that I am going to give you a military discount. It will be a good discount...since he and I are Navy buddies."

I found out that he was on an aircraft carrier called USS John Stennis ... for seven (7) years. He served in Kuwait, Iraq, and other places in the Pacific and Middle East. He decided to get out because of his wife. He didn't like leaving her behind all the time. He was so nice and sweet.

Lil Red came to pick me up to take me to Hertz where i was going to get a rental car. I felt I had made a good friend in Mark.

I was thinking "I wish I had given him a hug! Like a grandson!"

Marc said he would call me when they found out what it was and what it would cost. So, we went to find the Hertz Rentacar. And it was so cool in Lil Red's car! and she was driving, not me! I was in heaven! So far so good! But the traffic was horrible. Poor Lil Red. Bless her heart. I was so glad she was driving. She did good though. But the day of surprises wasn't over! It even got better!
To be continued in my next blog.

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