Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thoughts from the Zook/Family Reunion

Well, the family reunion has come and gone. This past weekend almost 60 kinfolk gathered in the Hill Country between Leakey and Concan at Criders on the Frio River for three days. I counted 57 people that were there! What a wonderful time we had.
We arrived Friday afternoon about 4:30 pm, after driving over 2 hours from Floresville. Many people had a lot farther to go. My sister Gerry and her family from Austin and Round Rock, and my nephew Steve and his family from Dallas (well Carly his daughter had flown in from S. Carolina the night before), and his sister and brother and mother from Austin.
My nephew Scott and his family had arrived at 2:00 to start cooking. Bless his heart. Scott and Karen were working all weekend! I hope they had a chance to rest this week. O I forgot Scott was going to Arlington for a school. Happy Anniversary Scott and Karen!!! Today is their anniversary!! Oops, I'm wrong. Today is Scott's birthday!!! Happy Birthday Scotty!!! Their anniversary is later this month? Am I right? Or wrong?
So when we got there there was already a crowd!! Then I found out that my brother Sam and his wife Rose and grandkids were over at the other cabins...which were 3 bedroom cabins...which we all found out when we got there ..were too far away to walk!!! They were on the other side of someone's property (in between on the river) and the people didn't want anyone trespassing on their property! So everyone over in those cabins were isolated from all the rest of our cabins! What a bummer!! Next time we will know!!! That was the only thing that could have been better, that we all were together in one place!!!
So after we all hugged and kissed and gathered around, we all decided to go down to the river to see how low it was...there is a such a drought in Texas... the rivers and lakes are drying up. No tubing on the Frio River this year! The river is just a tiny stream..But it is still beautiful down by the river...the huge cypress trees are still there, and the beautiful trees reach down to the water but you have to walk down steep steps to get to the river. But it was fun being with all my nieces and nephews and my sister Gerry ...
We watched gleefully as Joshua hunted in the water for a large catfish he had seen earlier...he made a long spear and was going to spear it!! But I guess that fish hear the rumor and was hiding under some rocks or branches. We didn't see him!
The weather was not too hot. It was cool because of showers earlier in the day, and partly cloudy the rest of the day..A perfect day in the Hill Country.
We all went back to the front porches of the cabins, sat around talking, laughing and getting to know each other again. I was so happy to visit with Helen and her three children. It was the first time they had been to one of the Zook Family reunions. The Zooks are kinda wild and crazy! But the Zooks and the Wausons are the same kind of people. WE fit together like gloves!! They all like to have fun, laugh, and joke around, and talk! That is why Margaret and I decided to marry into the Wauson family!!! We sat our hearts to get Eddie and Johnny. And we did!
Now we are ONE BIG HAPPY ZOOK/WAUSON FAMILY. With our 8 Zook kids and their 6 Wauson kids we are hard to beat. Having Helen and her kids and grandkids there was one of the highlights of the weekend. I am so glad they were there. I will always be grateful for Helen. She held me together with her presence in 1982, when my world fell apart. Just being around her in the hospital that year, made me stronger.
I don't think she ever knew what that did for me.
So, as the sun set in the sky, and twilight came, and darkness set in, I sat on the porch and looked at the people around laughing and talking..I got a shiver of excitement because Kristi and some of her kids were coming from Ft. Worth later that night, and I would be seeing my great-grandkiddos!!
And then I realized I wasn't the oldest one at the reunion this time!! Helen was there in all her 87-year-beauty. (I am a young 79)
This lady still gets her hair colored and her acrylic nails done at the beauty shop every week! And she has Alzheimers just like Eddie did, and she is as sweet and happy and positive he was! She is such a joy to be around just like Eddie!
I felt really blessed to be there.
A little later we had an awesome surprise which was probably the high-light of the weekend!!! But I will tell you in the next blog. This one is getting too long!LOL

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